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Ink and Grace: My Pastor’s Wife Poetry

Hi, fellow Pastor’s Wife! If you’re reading this, you know that being a pastor’s wife can be incredibly challenging, often impacting one’s sense of identity in profound ways. From managing the expectations of congregation members to balancing personal and family needs with the demands of church ministry, the role can be emotionally and mentally taxing. Today I was reflecting on my journey and found some pastor’s wife poetry I’d written.

I pray it blesses you.

I initially didn’t want to post it because I didn’t want anyone to think this is how I felt now.

The truth of the matter is I’ve felt this way many times, and that’s okay.

Shucks, I’ll likely feel this way again.

There is NOTHING wrong with having struggle seasons as a pastor’s wife.

pastor's wife poetry

If more people were honest about this, we would have a stronger sisterhood of pastor’s wives, don’t you think?

After all, as you know, the pressure to always be supportive, nurturing, and spiritually strong can create a constant sense of responsibility and scrutiny.

Additionally, the lack of boundaries between personal and professional life can blur the lines of identity. That’s why I included that concept in my “pastor’s wife poetry” below.

This issue of crossed boundaries makes it difficult to separate one’s own needs and desires from those of the church community.

Where does it say we have to be “community property” or live up to everyone’s expectations?

If our husbands were medical doctors leading a team, would they expect us to do all that they expect of pastor’s wives?


Again, as you know, the role of a pastor’s wife often comes with unspoken expectations and assumptions, which can further complicate our sense of self.

Whether it’s feeling obligated to conform to certain standards of behavior or constantly being in the spotlight, Pastor’s Wife, the pressure mounts!

The pressure to live up to perceived ideals can erode even the strongest of women and mess with their identity over time.

The pressure to be involved in women’s ministry. Hey, for tips on this one, visit my other blog, Women’s Ministry

This can lead to feelings of isolation, insecurity, and a loss of personal autonomy.

Have you ever felt trapped in your role as a pastor’s wife?

Supporting your husband in ministry is fulfilling, but being a pastor’s wife undoubtedly requires outstanding resilience.

I hope that is what my pastor’s wife poetry conveys – resilience.

You also have to be self-aware. Knowing that your value and worth go far beyond a title like “pastor’s wife” or “first lady.”

Look for those themes as you read my pastor’s wife’s poetry—this one and others in the future.


Without further adieu.

Here is the latest installment in my pastor’s wife’s poetry series. 🙂

Tell me what you think in the comments…but be nice. hehe

Does he see me? 

Does he remember who I am? 

Has he completely forgotten me and has ministry made our life just a sham? 

I try to fit in and please all the people. 

But I’ve lost myself and feel so terribly feeble. 

Am I making a difference, do my efforts even help? 

Why do I feel so useless, and is this simply the hand I’ve been dealt? 

Is there a brighter day and a hope to reach for? 

Or is this it; an empty life without a remedy or cure?

God knows my pain and sees beyond my mask. 

He sees me. He accepts me. He loves me, and knowing that 

will help me last. 

I’ll continue to fight, trusting Him with each step. 

Being a pastor’s wife can be hard, But the Holy Spirit is always here to help. 

He will help me smile when I feel like crying and not only that, He will strengthen me when I feel like I’m dying. 

His peace is always near and so is His power 

Just Knowing that means… I needn’t cower.

Boldy, I’ll stand – knowing He is mine. 

I’ll stand on His word and that alone makes me fine. 

Their judgments they can keep. 

I don’t focus on them anymore.  

I’m anointed. 

I’m powerful, and in Jesus, I’ll forever soar. 

Pastor’s wife soaring, up, up, and away. 

Strong. Refreshed and ready to fight another day! 

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Let me know in the comments if you want to see more pastor’s wife poetry here. <3

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