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Searching for blogs for pastors wives?  You’ve found a great list! Blogs for Senior Pastors’ Wives on the Net and around the web!

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  1. Lois Evans was something of a hero for me. She was the first pastor’s wife I began to follow after I married my husband. Visit her site for information and events.


2. Care for Pastors
Care for Pastors has a great section of it’s site devoted to encouraging pastor’s wives. I can tell I’m going to be a frequent visitor and likely a frequent commenter too.

3. Embracing Grace
I love this site. It’s hosted by a pastor’s wife named Leah and she is practical, inspirational and encouraging. Check out her post on “10 Choices You will Never Regret”.  Good stuff.
Also,  there is really not a whole lotta quality resources out there for us (women married to senior pastors).

4. Just Between Us

5. Groomed to be a First Lady in a Church

6. Kristy’s Cottage

Blogs for pastors’ wives!

I’m looking for more resources.  If you have a few, contact me and let me know. I need the resources to be largely devoted to women married to senior pastors (or senior pastors’ wives).  If you have one (or know of one), contact me below.

  You’re not finished! I have compiled a
list of blogs for pastors’ wives here too!

blogs for pastors wives