1. Thank you for being so transparent and real in writing this! I lost my dad 2 years ago (to cancer) and my mom 1 year ago to dementia. My sister and I took care of our parents while they were sick — about 4 years in total. As a pastor’s wife caring for sick, elderly parents, I eventually had to withdraw from everything I was doing (except church attendance). Also, I have autoimmune issues so that’s a whole other story. . . It was very easy for me to feel overwhelmed and judged for not doing all my previous responsibilities, but a dear wise brother in the Lord, encouraged me to step aside and to take care of my parents; that this was my responsibility and privilege and that no one else was assigned this. oh, so many times I took refuge in his words when others didn’t understand. It was extremely hard on my husband who had a good relationship with my parents, and he is a bi-vocational pastor. Sometimes we felt as if our heads were gonna pop off! Dementia is the slow goodbye and no one (except the Lord of course!) can understand all of it until they’ve walked alongside someone with it. Please accept my deepest sympathies on your mom’s passing; her picture is just beautiful! Every day I still think of my Mom and miss her; I immediately try to picture what she’s up to in heaven and that brings me a lot of comfort. The missing is still there but it’s bearable. Hugs to you dear sweet woman of God!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Carrie. God bless that brother who gave you the supportive sound advice. Also, thank you for what you said toward the end. Helped so much. God bless you and thank you for allowing God to lead you here and bless me beyond what I can express.

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