Pastor’s Wife Poem – A how to tribute

Encouraging words for a pastor’s wife tribute or pastor’s appreciation service.

I get a lot of emails (actually, folks contact me through the blog “form”) about what can be said to a pastor’s wife during a pastor’s wife tribute or a pastor’s anniversary service. So, I’ve got a few excellent examples of a pastor’s wife poem.

Between you and me, our church doesn’t have formal anniversary services. My husband and I aren’t big “attention” folks.

Just bless us all year with love and support and we’re fine. Everyone is different. But, this works for us.

What we do…and I LOVE IT!

Instead of a big “splash”, our church prays for us and lays hands on us. It’s my favorite time of year.

The hugs and encouragement I get on that Sunday carry me through the rest of the year.

That’s enough for us. No judgment, it’s just that big celebrations are not our thing.

Of course, when it comes to “appreciation” and recognition, no “one size” fits all. 

Sweet words said to me, could mean absolutely nothing to another pastor’s wife.  

Monetary gifts bless me but could offend a different pastor’s wife. It’s all about the person, their love language, and their personality.

Still, I figured I could contribute a little “something something” to help you offer encouraging words for your pastor’s wife. These are words that would bless me anyway.

It’s not really a pastor’s wife poem…or is it? Poems don’t have to rhyme, right?

I feel loved and appreciated regularly.

Whether Joyce (from my church) texts me encouragement, Janice is my biggest supporter, Danuyell makes me laugh, Donna T texts me, Bev and Sid feed me, K-Lump tweets me, Mo has lunch with me, Tim sings for me, Ellie motivates me, Vera K D loves me on Facebook, or September texts me… hey, I’d better stop. 

I can’t begin to name all the people who make my life a “pastor’s wife” a joy.  There are so many of them!

In the end, I’m incredibly blessed, so, this is not some pitiful attempt to tell my church what I need to hear or what to do, they are already doing great in supporting me and my husband. 

Thanks pastors' wife

Now that I’ve said that, here are a few words I think would bless any pastor’s wife during the pastor’s wife’s anniversary (or any time for that matter).

You could read them aloud during a service, write them in pretty script/font, or just say them in your own way. 

Here it is:

There are really no words to express how much of a blessing you are.

You’re kind, sweet spirit touches those both near and far.

Without a word, you encourage us with a smile.

And even when we don’t get to speak with you,

It is even a blessing seeing you across the aisle.

Your presence emotes a Holy Spirit calm.

And the words you speak are like a sweet healing balm.

You speak wisdom straight from God’s heart

And it reminds me He is real and will never part.

I know your life it’s not as easy as it appears.

But it is a testament to God’s faithfulness and that He’s always near.

Thank you so much for sharing your faith, your mate, and your life.

I cannot think of anyone else I would want to be my pastor’s wife

Poem for pastor's wife

“Pastor’s wife: I know you sacrifice a great deal for our church family. This is why, Pastor’s wife/First Lady, we want you to know we see you.

We see the times you must re-arrange (or delay) your own plans when something happens to us…just so your husband can stop what he is doing to support us during times of grief, fear, pain, and sickness. For that, we say “thank you”.

We recognize the times you likely spend alone just so your husband can minister to us. 

We see your strength as you adapt to ministry demands and all those eyes looking in, and on, your life.  For that too, we say “thank you”.

We honor the sacrifice you make, not only for us but for the Kingdom of God as a whole.  For that, we say “thank you”. 

With our gratitude, we also ask your forgiveness.

Please forgive us for the times we are thoughtless. When we need something, we sometimes take no consideration for what you may be doing or have going on. We just call. We just ask. Please forgive us for the times we interrupt your life and cloud it with our own needs.

Please forgive us for the times we give advice you didn’t ask for. We do so in our own intended expression of love, but sometimes, we know we can be a pain too. 🙂 Please forgive us as we try to do and be better.

Please forgive us when we make comments without thinking about how it may sound to your ears. 

Many people compare your life, as a pastor’s wife, to a “fishbowl”. A fishbowl has very little privacy. With this, we may feel entitled to say or do things that may overstep boundaries. We are so sorry if we have caused you strain.

Please forgive us as we try to do and be better.

Please forgive us for the times we have forgotten to pray for you and support you as we ought. 

Pastors Wife/First Lady, just like a beautiful, exquisite painting prominently displayed in a home, it can be taken for granted.

Forgive us for the times we have taken you for granted. We will do better.

Finally, Pastor’s Wife/First Lady, we love you. We thank God for, not only your husband but for you too. 

We see you. We love you and we appreciate you. Happy anniversary and may God grant us all many, many more years in service together.”

Thanking pastor's wife

A Day Will Come
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012 

A day will come in every life,
When appreciation is rendered.
And this should be taken seriously,
And given with love and tender.

Anyone who deserves appreciation,
Must have done something great.
So share with them the way you feel,
And always treat them right.

But keep in mind that appreciation,
Should be given again and again.
If you truly appreciate,
You’ll remind them how great they’ve been.

Do something special to thank the ones,
Who’ve made a difference to you.
But don’t forget to thank them again,
For everything they do.

Poem to thank pastor's wife

Past It On
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2018

To thank someone as kind as you,
Would take a lot of thought.
But thankfully I’ve come to find,
You’re not in need of a lot.

You don’t like presents or anything new,
You don’t even need a card.
You prefer your appreciations to be something of helpfulness,
For someone else’s regard.

Your belief is great that someone else should benefit,
From a deed well done.
With this I can see how great you have been,
To always be helping someone.

So here we are to give our thanks,
To someone we are grateful for.
May you receive everything you deserve,
We hope and pray you get much more.

Thank you so much for sharing your faith, your mate, and your life.

I cannot think of anyone else I would want to be my pastor’s wife

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  1. I love it! She sounds like an amazing woman of God! I especially love what you said “she puts legs” on what a virtuous woman looks like! ??. That’s what I’ll pray for my own journey. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing this very true and powerful message! You are truly a blessing and your words are inspirational!

  3. Hello Ms. Teri, I enjoyed listening to your Blog Post. God is so Amazing! I recently became a Pastor’s Wife, though my husband has been a Minister for several year. This is so different! I found your Blog because I was asked to be the Keynote Speaker at my former Pastor’s Wife Appreciation Service. I feel as though I got 2-for-1! Not only did I get some information for the service; I will be subscribing to this Blog and continuing to Grow in Grace and in the Knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Thank you for your God-inspired words of Faith and Encouragement. Consider me as another person that you inspired!

  4. I love it all. Especially the “forgive us “part. I think that these are somethings that people don’t realise they are doing/causing. This piece will hopefully open their eyes and they will do better.

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