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In love with pastor – how to handle the women in love your husband

This the second part of “I’m in love with my pastor

Yes, she wants your husband.

One of the most difficult parts of being married to a pastor is dealing with those poor, misguided women that, well…fall in love with your husband! So, how do I deal with it?

Two word answer: I don’t.

I know my response may seem foolish and even strange to some, but, it’s how I really feel. I have lived long enough to know that I cannot control what others do in life.

I cannot make desperate women stop growing attached to my husband. I cannot even keep my husband from straying – should he decide to do it. There are some things he can do to prevent this, but ultimately, I am limited.  End the end it’s a choice he would have to make, I’m clearly not the type of woman that would tolerate it and would not remain married to him.

Again, what can a smart wife do about a silly woman? Let’s think it through.

Look at these few scenarios:

Scenario 1) If you go talk to the flirty women, you come across as just as desperate, insecure and, maybe even a little stupid as they are. These all may be true about you, but I don’t think you have to let people know it. Hey, the enemy doesn’t know whether or not he is “getting to you” unless you reveal it with your actions or emotions!  He is not omnipotent, omnipresent, etc. Don’t go acting crazy and confirming those things.

Scenario 2) If you talk to your husband about it constantly, he may see you as desperate, insecure and a little silly (do you see my redundancy.)

Sure, you can advise him (because we often see things husbands don’t),  But, beyond that, there is nothing you can do.

Scenario 3) You can pray about it and trust God to protect your home and preserve your portion. *DING DING DING* that’s it! Right answer!

Psalm 16:5 NIV

“LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure.”
*Emphasis is mine.Only Jesus can protect what is yours – your job, family, ministry, etc. He is able to change the heart of people, remove them and thwart the enemies plan.  He is everywhere all the time; you are not. He is your portion and He will keep your foot from falling….and He will do the same for your husband as you pray for him and cover him in the Spirit.
You are God’s precious. he will always cover you. I became so much more secure in my marriage (and in my life) when I realized God will take care of me no matter what happens on this earth. He did it before and He can do it again. My worth is not in any frivolous man-made title that really means nothing. My worth is in knowing God created me to be complete, beautiful and whole. My husband has nothing to do with that. I know my worth in Christ.

Trust God, girl…I mean Lady… with all your worries, doubts and concerns about those women.

He will perfect those things that concern you and be glorified through it all.

Trust Him…. more than anyone else on this earth. Through it all, you’ll learn to trust Him in fresh new ways regarding your marriage,


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