What will be your legacy, pastor’s wife?

What will be your legacy, pastor’s wife?

What will be your legacy, pastor’s wife?

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You know, I stand on the shoulders of many wonderful pastors’ wives. The term “stand on the shoulders” eludes that my current success is closely related to these women and their legacies. What will be your legacy, pastor’s wife? I’m not sure yet, but I know I want mine to be akin to the ladies who have touched my life.

I’m not just talking about Eloise Allen, the wonderful woman who supported her husband in ministry for over 30 years at my home church.

What will be your legacy, pastor’s wife?
My grandparents. I think each pic was from a church event.

I am also speaking of my grandmother, Mother Ethel Mills (above). She served my grandfather in love and ministry as he pastored Quindaro Church of God in Christ in Kansas City, Kansas. I’m not sure how long he shepherded the flock. I do know my grandmother was by his side until he passed away due to cancer and went to be with the Lord.

Godly Intercessor Pastor’s Wife

I stand on the shoulders of Georgia Walker Rivers whose husband pastored my home church after my grandfather passed. She also came to pray for me every single Tuesday when I was a sick child. Faithful. Loving. Prayer warrior.

A nice lady…all the time.

Another woman who touched my life was Evangelist Faye McDonald, the stylish wife of Bishop William McDonald -Kansas East Jurisdictional bishop. As a teen, I worked as a telemarketer. I remember calling Sister McDonald to pitch a carpet cleaning. Anyway, she had no clue who I was. She was so nice and sweet to me – a random, bothersome telemarketer!!! From that moment on, if I saw her around church or the city, I knew her smile was genuine and reflected her gracious, sincere heart. What will be your legacy, pastor’s wife? A gracious, sincere heart? I’m sure it will.

A Pastor Married to a Bishop…yet God’s Servant

I also stand on the shoulders of Pastor Carolyn Vaughn. The gentle-spirited wife of Bishop Jack Vaughn who still pastors Evangelistic Center International Ministries in Kansas City, Kansas. She is so sweet and humble. I don’t know her very well, but I hope to one day. She made an impression on me by just being caring and approachable. I also remember something she did that likely meant little to her, but meant the world to me.

Years ago, my brother, Eric, began attending Evangelistic Center. He came to know the Lord there. He passed away and the church came through in ways I will never forget. My brother hadn’t been at the church long and likely didn’t know very many people. As a result, the choir turnout at his funeral was low. But, among them was beautiful Pastor Carolyn Vaughn. Her small act of service touched me so much. I never forgot it. She could have sat in the congregation. In fact, she could have not come at all. Instead, she opted to be there and not only be there, but also to add her voice to the others in bringing comfort to our devastated, bereaved family. I’ll never forget. Carolyn Vaughn’s simple act reminds me to attend funerals even when I don’t know the people very well.

Visionary, Song-writer, Creator, Singer, Musician…Example of Excellence

Oh yes, I could never forget Carolyn Cofield. She was my pastor’s wife growing up. God used her as a

Carolyn Cofield
Carolyn Cofield. I swiped this photo from her daughter’s Facebook. 🙂 Forgive me.

significant role model in my teen and young adult years. She forced me out of my comfort zone in several ways she has likely forgotten now. One of those was to MC a women’s event. I was so scared, but she believed in me. Her quiet strength and “out of box” approach to ministry taught me to be myself in any setting. She taught me to be creative. She taught me to be resilient. She taught me humility.
I could go on and on. Each one of these women had such huge impacts me then and me now. Some of them knew they did, some did not. Some of them taught and admonished me directly, looking me in the eyes and ministering to my soul. Others made impressions on my heart with their strong, kind demeanors and loving, open spirits.

What will I render? What shall I give? Who will I touch as a Pastor’s Wife?

Reflecting on these ladies prompted me to challenge myself and ask myself a very serious question. Sitting here in my recliner – enjoying a quiet house – I ask myself something to which there is likely no answer…yet. In fact, I’m not sure anyone will know the answer until I leave this earth and transition to heaven.

The question is: what will my legacy be as a pastor’s wife? What will young people say about me in 10, 20… 40 years? In your opinion, do we have legacies while we are alive? I’m not sure.

I invite you to ponder it too: what will be your legacy, pastor’s wife?? My next post will reveal what I want my legacy to be. Think about what you want yours to be as well.

Who impacted your life and shape the way you approach ministry?

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