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How should a pastor’s wife dress and other hooey

How should a pastor’s wife dress and other hooey.

Have you ever thought about exactly who is looking at you?  I often do. I wonder who is watching my life, my responses, and my interactions from afar.

Will they see Jesus in me? Or will they see only a well-dressed, woman with great makeup and well-coiffed hair?

Although I flatter myself, the thought of those being the only things people see in my life makes me wanna barf.

Pretty “First Lady” clothes – hooey

The outer me simply CANNOT be how I’m defined in the Kingdom. Those things are such small, rather trivial parts of who I am. Sure, a lot of pastors’ wives dress up and enjoy cute clothes.

I’m no different.

But, that stuff is nothing more than a reflection of the utterly meaningless and temporary. No, it doesn’t matter much in the end.

When I stand before the Lord, I doubt He will ask me about how my hair looked on Sundays or what sort of clothes I wore.

Unless they can see Jesus, then it’s all worthless!

If people don’t see Christ in me, I’m wasting every breath I inhale.

If I don’t return love when I feel ignored, tired, put upon, inconvenienced, or disrespected, then my entire labor is in vain. Jesus takes preeminence and so does being like Him.

As one of my favorite pastors, Nate Holcomb, would say “It’s all about Him”. It really must be all about Christ;, not me. Never me.

My self-worth is rooted in Him. Unless I exude the presence of the Holy Spirit, then my life is pure idiocy.

As a pastor’s wife…no, as a Christian, I can’t hang my hopes on the things of the world like parking spaces, clothes, money, or … stuff.

If I do, I won’t grow mature and stronger in the Lord. I won’t be close to Him.

Salvation rocks…and

Being saved from the penalty of sin is a supernatural, monumental miracle. I’m so overwhelmingly grateful for salvation itself. Another beautiful part of it is glorious access to our Heavenly Father! I treasure that so.

I want to know my Savior…for real. I want to be like He is.

I want to love others the way He does. I want to be so close to Him I hear His still, small voice guiding, directing, and convicting me throughout my day.

I love laying on my husband’s chest and hearing his heartbeat.

I love being that close to my lover. That’s how close I want to be to Jesus. So close I hear His heartbeat. Do you see why the “stuff” isn’t very important? Compared to Jesus, it’s nothing.

Too many pastors’ wives think the “stuff” and the perks are the goal or are proof we’ve arrived somewhere.

They are not.

The goal is to be conformed to the image of Christ and to walk intimately with Him. That’s when we can do His work. Shucks, that’s when we know His work and purpose.

Blessed to be a blessing senior pastor’s wife

Along the same lines, I think we must use any gifts or influence (i.e. stuff) we attain to aid in reaching out to God’s people who are hurting, struggling, or doubting God’s ability.

To help and to mirror God’s willingness to provide – that’s why we have any and everything we have, ya know.

All our blessings should point the world to a kind, loving, forgiving Jesus. Does that make sense?

Do you see why I named this post How should a pastor’s wife dress and other hooey? Do you see the “hooey”?

To be clear, I love clothes. I like handbags and I enjoy accessorizing as much as the next girl. I have those things, but I refuse.

To let them have me. In my long list of priorities, those things are way, way beneath the importance of my spiritual legacy.

Before you were born, God knew you’d be in your position. He planted you there so you can make a meaningful impact. Don’t get side-tracked by “stuff”, OK?

I love the way Christine Caine says it here!

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