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Thanks Everyone…

Thank you everyone that sent words of encouragement for this blog. You’ve convinced me to continue to strive to find the perfect niche for this means of expression.

As I pray, I continually hear in my spirit that the niche must revolve around the real and authentic experience of the modern day pastor’s wife. It can’t be phony, starry eyed or synthetic. It must be real. It’s got to be honest.

So, there ya have it. We’ll continue on…together. Keep on praying and feel free to email topics you’d like to discuss or for me to blog about.

The one I’m working on now is titled “When he’s just too busy: The struggle of today’s pastor’s wife”. We’ll see how much truth that dredges up! 🙂 Most importantly, we’ll see how many of us we can encouraged. Amen?

P.S. Don’t worry, my hubby knows what I blog about…sometimes. 🙂

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