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Meyers-Briggs is ok. DISC is fine, but I’m not in love with either!

Hey, I have been facilitating temperament and personality-type workshops for years. I do it as a training facilitator. However, as a pastor’s wife, I don’t think we talk enough about the power of temperament in our role.

I see so many funny Memes and jokes about pastors wives being introverted and how that plays out in real life. It really is a thing.

Your personality and temperament drive how you approach tasks and interact with others around you. It even has a lot to do with how you manage conflict. Do you see the connection for pastors wives yet?

There are so many models of temperament training out there! Back in the day, I used to jump on the bandwagon and get immediately certified in each and every new one that hit the scene.

I soon learned that was futile. Why? Because I’m already certified in the best one! And, it’s the best one because it’s easy to understand and easy to relate to. It’s called True Colors.

It’s quick and it’s easy-to-implement into real life. That’s important.

Anything you can’t apply to real life is useless, in my opinion. Colors are easier. What’s the point in knowing about personalities if it won’t help answer the question “How can I get along better with people?” Or better yet, “what are my natural strengths?” or “What jobs best suit my personality best?”

Temperament research, in general, can help us discover and act out our truest selves by answering these questions.

We’re affirmed by it.

It reminds us we are ALL actually some version of “normal”  in how we perceive the world around us.  If pondered properly, this research also celebrates our natural “bent” without boxing us into a set of behaviors. 

You can register for my upcoming workshop online.

As your experience it online, you’ll figure out the twist interns of your own personality.

This is not a full assessment. This is not a counseling session.

This is what it is…

I will deliver a similar workshop to what I share in my face-to-face workshops for corporate entities, nonprofit, school districts and any other work team that hires me.

Again…this is not the same as my full training. My full training is 2 to 3 hours.

This is just to give you enough information to have a conceptual framework or way to think about how you interact with others. This is invaluable information as you form ministries and manage groups and teams. Sound good?

Honestly, it’s also very helpful for your marriage. However, I won’t speak much about that because I’m planning an online marriage workshop soon.

If you want more information, visit my (other) blog

This is not a faith-based module. However, as you listen, your context is understanding God created us.

Here is how you register…

Please register for Learn about Your Personality Strengths – Intro on Sunday, May 5, 2019 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM CDT at: 

Most people are unhappy because they have no clue what their natural, personal strengths are or how they contribute to the world around them. 

I’m going to teach you to use colors to understand yourself better and how you can relate to those around you. 

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training.


Here’s the thing: the session is $30.00 per log-in. However, I’m discounting $5.00 for those who enter “Thinkingandblink” into the registration.

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