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Why I like GodsyGirls like Denisha Pitre

I’ve noticed this pastor has remarried. I contemplated removing this old blog post (below). But, my feelings about how he and Denisha Pitre handled this situation has not changed. It was noble.
Here’s the thing.
Christians often negate historical data. We would rather pretend everything has been, was, is perfect. When in truth, it was a journey. I don’t think it’s right to erase those journeys.
So, I’m keeping this blog post in place with the update that these two are no longer married. I hope that’s not inappropriate.
The truth is very often a marriage does not work.
But, I think there’s a testimony in two people trying to make it work. That’s the testimony.
I myself am married for the second time. I can’t pretend like I wasn’t married before. I can’t erase that.
And it seems to me that Denisha Petrie and her (then) husband tried. And to me that is still a good testimony. Do you agree?
Here is my original post:
I’m a Denisha Pitre fan!
Once again, I thank God for the transparency the “new generation” Christian ministers exhibit.
For example, you’ve likely read my post about Joni Lamb and her inspiring testimony through personal pain.
Now, I learned about another sister – PW – who also made God look really good to a dark and disillusioned world. I thank God for Christians leaders that share their scars to that build up the Kingdom in their lifestyles, personal choices and even in their mistakes.

While watching a sermon by a preacher (Isaac Pitre), I did as so many people do nowadays, I Googled him.

I know. I know. We can’t always trust the Internet, but I can tell a whole lot about a pastor by his website. Really. Anyway, I happened upon an article about Pitre’s divorce and re-marriage to his wife Denisha.

The interview brought tears to my eyes. The couple humbly opened their hearts to the Christian magazine, Charisma, and unashamedly confessed, explained and detailed their road from brokenness back to a life of marital wholeness.

Pitre’s wife, Denisha,  made the following life-changing statement in the interview:

“For all wives, but especially for pastors’ wives, you should learn not to be a clone of what you think a pastor’s wife should be. I urge women to look inward and discover who they are. Focus on developing that. Everything you need for your spouse is wrapped up in who you really are.”

I know, right????  That’s an amazing quote!

Praise God for women that know God’s voice, know themselves and know how to trust the Father. Her tender heart towards God brings to mind the song “I Surrender All”. She is a woman of faith and a woman with faith.

Being in this role requires so much more than a pretty face, a good singing voice or a closet full of nice suits (did I hit all the stereotypes?)

It also takes the ability to rely on God in the most difficult of times and trust His call- not only on your husband’s life, but also on yours. This ability has a little to do with you. Sure, you must take responsibility for your own spiritual growth (i.e. prayer and study of God’s Word), but there’s more to it than that.

There is an anointing, a presence of God, that comes straight from His Spirit. It gives us the power to have the sort of blind, bold faith like Ms. Pitre once exhibited in her life. We all need that kind of faith to trust God for HUGE ministry goals, enormous prayer requests and divine direction.

As my husband would say in his country swagger “it’s more than a notion”. Indeed it is, but God is able, and in His power so are you. Read 2Peter 1:3:

“His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”

So, amen, Sis. Denisha! She’s now part of my personal hall of heroes!

P.S. I don’t know any of these people. Just offering honor where honor is due.


I wrote this blog post several years ago. Current circumstances I do not know.  However, whatever happens or happened, I still think it was great integrity to have walked the journey they traveled. So, I am leaving this blog post up in case it may encourage someone else.

I believe nothing cancels out the faith walk we have paved.

My prayers are everything is as it should be and God continues to show His faithfulness toward them. In the end, I’m thankful for the past ministry examples of each of them during the season I’ve mentioned.


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