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Flying Under the Bullets – Senior Pastor’s Wife

Flying under the bullets of being a senior pastor’s wife

You know in the heat of battle, soldiers stay low.
They stoop way beneath the bullets and gunfire.
In some situations, we have to do the same thing as senior pastors’ wives. We just have to stay low and fly under those emotional and spiritual “bullets” on the battlefield called a church.
One of the biggest challenges of being a pastor’s wife is staying out of the line of fire.
For example, when your husband makes a decision and that creates controversy, people can attempt to involve you. Don’t do it!  Keep flying under the radar and flying under the bullets. Sure, this is a tough situation, especially if you are not part of the church staff.
What’s even more tough is if you were part of suggesting that decision. Don’t spill, just stay under the radar and support your husband.
Yes, God said you are “one flesh” with your husband, but that does not mean you are really ONE person.
I always say “when I drink a Coke, pastor doesn’t burp”!  We are two different people!
So, if your husband demotes someone, changes a program or tells someone “no”, don’t allow it to affect you and don’t let people drag you into it!
Your husband will share  with you the details of the pain and, maybe even the church member’s anger, over the situation, but stay low and choose only to support him.
Keep the others in prayer, but fly under the war field bullets. Don’t get involved.
Do not discuss the discord with others – especially others in the church!
Sometimes, the wives or family try to involve you. Don’t fall for it, if possible. I usually say “Well, God is on the throne and everything will be ok”. If they continue to press, I will often ask if we can pray about it right at that moment.
Always stay prayerful, speak God’s word appropriately in trouble situations and you’ll be ok.
Then, remember to cast that care on the Lord. In the end, He is the only one who can really do anything to soothe the wounded and disappointed hearts of His people. Amen?

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