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A Woman of Excellence- it’s an inside job

Recently, I spoke to a group of women’s ministry about the concept of “excellence”.

As I prepared, I thought of “excellence” in the traditional sense of the word.

You know, the idea of being on time, finishing what you start and focusing on producing quality results. As, usual, my plans were not God’s plans. They focused on the natural more than interior or spiritual sense.

Once I started organizing “my” thoughts, the Lord lead me in a completely different direction.

His revelation changed the way I would “excellence” for the rest of my life.

Here’s what I learned: Contrary to what many people think, excellence is largely an inside job. It begins with a malleable heart and a yielded spirit.

In fact, I think we place entirely too much emphasis on specific behaviors and not enough time on the spiritual wholeness which produces maturity or excellence.

For example, we scold people to “work hard in ministry”. Sure, we all should.

But, the reason one works hard is because of their love, devotion and complete submission to Jesus Christ. Without that, their service is nothing more than dutiful actions or even burdensome tasks. In such context, people tend to treat the word with a cavalier sense of obligation.

It’s shallow to expect one to “act right” without equipping them to know “what’s right”.

How do we know what’s right?

The answer is simple: a personal, ongoing experience with Jesus Christ.

He is the one who changes our nature and molds us into His image. He miraculously transforms our tendencies and our motivations toward a divine excellence that produces seeable results.

So, as you mentor, coach and guide the ladies in your ministry toward excellence, remember excellence is an inside job.

Behaviors and performance are merely the byproduct of what’s going on inside a person. Feed their spirit, encourage regular fellowship with the Holy Spirit and watch excellence take root.

Amen, First Lady?

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