Thanking your church family, pastors wife.

Thanking Your Church Family


As a pastor’s wife, thanking your church family is so important.

They likely bless you in so many ways that you’re often stumped how you can express gratitude.

So, here are a few of my ideas for the pastor’s wife to say thanks

During Christmas, your congregation may bless your family with gifts and presents. I know ours does.

If you’re anything like me, you wish you could thank each and every person individually, but that’s not always possible. I have several reasons, I can’t. For one, my husband is known for bringing gifts home (addressed to our family) with absolutely NO memory how he received them!

Ugh! No thank you note for them. *sigh*

No worries, I found a few “work arounds”. Here they are:

1. Use social media. Tweet, blog, Facebook or even email your thanks.

2. Post an online “thank you” card on your church website. I often do so with our latest family pic.

3. Speaking of pictures, print an informal family photo and your expression of gratitude in the church program after the holidays. Also, post on church bulletin boards around the building.

A late “thank you” is better than NO thank you, Pastor’s Wife.

4. Ask your husband for a couple of minutes for you to express thanks during the Sunday services. Hearing from the pastor’s wife or First Lady adds a warmth and closeness only you can bring.

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5. If I have a number and if a particular person blessed me, I try to call the person before I use the gift. I’ve taught my boys the same. They can’t enjoy a gift without first telling the “blesser” thank you. It teaches the importance of gratitude.

5. Then there is the old standby – written thanks. I’m not very good at this one, but if you are, I wish you God-speed and say “you go, Girl.” Write those cards!

Any other ideas to thank you church family?

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