Planning a womens prayer breakfast

Planning a women’s prayer breakfast or retreat – more tips

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Now for a few tips for planning a women’s prayer breakfast.


I’ve planned quite a few events for my job.

As a community relations manager in a nonprofit, I’ve planned conferences, community events and more!

At my church, I’ve also lead my women’s ministry team in planning events for the women in our congregation.  So fun!!!!

In both settings, the key is to have a plan for your women’s ministry event.

With a plan, you’ll be able to forecast trouble, manage processes and handle contingencies.

Here are a few simple and quick tips as you plan your woman’s event.

1 Organize. Keep a folder (real or electronic) for each of the following:

a) Speakers,

b) Food,

c) Music,

and, d) Venue.

Keep everything organized so someone else could pick up the folder and instantly know what is done and what needs to be done.

You can choose to use paper folders, an accordion file or even a project management app on your phone or tablet. I like Wunderlist for event planning.

2. Don’t Wait
Begin approaching your speakers, worship leaders and volunteers as soon as possible. At least 2 months prior notice is ideal. The worst thing to do is to wait too late only to discover that your ideal resources are already taken. Boo for that. Earlier you reach out the better and more professional you will be.

3. Promoting the Event
This is one of the most important parts of planning a women’s prayer breakfast. Unless you’re planning a super huge event, market it no sooner than a month and a half prior. If the event is too far into the future, it is easy to forget it. Save the date post cards work well to pre-promote it. Just find the right timing for your audience.

4. At the Core
Find a strong, but small core group to manage the important details. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to managing an extremely large group of women. Have you ever tried that?  Too many opinions, personalities and work styles complicate the process. Keep your group small, workable and nimble.  I think a planning group of seven people max is perfect.

5. No Boys, Please
Men should have their own ministry, do not involve them in the women’s prayer breakfast. It throws off the balance of the group. Keep your Christian woman’s event targeted toward women and their needs.  A pastor may be overseer, but he should not attend meetings.

Possible Topics

  • “A Godly Wife”
  • “Christian Women in the 21st Century”
  • “Living a Pure Christian Life”
  • “Walking in Your God-given Destiny”
  • “Juggling the roles of Womanhood”
  • “Being God’s Handmaid in 2011”
  • “Being a Dynamic Christian Woman”

What’s missing?

Tips to plan a women's event for your church

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