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Greetings Senior Pastor’s Wife,

I originally posted this as  “New Year” post, but that’s not relevant all year.  So, ignore the seasonal references and take the “meat” and leave the “bones.  Trust me, there is a lot of meet up in here!
As the New Year approaches, asks God to reveal and clarify His vision for your ministries, your personal walk and your home life in the coming year. Make a list of these items. You likely already know what they are. Then, reflect on 2014.  How did you do in these areas (if applicable)? What could you do better?
Speaking for myself, I want to improve in the following areas:
My Home
In addition to some redecorating, I hope to reorganize things a bit.  Our home must be a respite for my husband and our family.  Since my return to the workplace, we could benefit from new routines.
My Ministries
My ministry is not limited to the church walls.  In fact, that area is the least of it. My ministries include my home elements along with my writing. I will explore new ways to encourage women, empower them for greatness and believe God for big things. 
My Children
I plan to trust the Holy Spirit to teach me to parent my grown child appropriately.  This is new territory for my husband and I. We are praying for wisdom to be a blessing to our oldest son, while re-defining our relationships with him. Does that make sense? Our parenting dynamic must change. But, we still want to be a blessing to him.
As for my second child, we pray for wisdom and anointing to empower him to love God and walk in righteousness. He lives in a very different world than we were raised. So, we need God’s help.
I invite your to do some spiritual strategic planning. Below is a document that may be helpful.  I use something similar for my own personal effectiveness and goal planning.  Use it as a starting place to mature and improve in 2015. 
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