Outfits for pastors wives

How should a pastor’s wife dress – Comfortably!

How should a pastor’s wife dress?

I’ve been hosting this blog for years. In fact, I’ve been hosting several blogs for years.  I’m a blogger…what can I say. Correction:  I’m a “sometimes” blogger.  I try not to ramble on my blog for pastors’ wives.

But, I have never posted an OOTD posts for my senior pastors’ wives’ blog. I’m not sure why because I get frequent questions about how should a pastor’s wife dress.

I have posted my outfits on my other blog called, My40somethinglife.com and those posts skyrocket through the roof with emails and visitors. It’s wild!

Well, in case you don’t know, OOTD stands for “Outfit Of The Day”. I know it seems frivolous to other 40something senior pastor’s wives like me, but young people love these types of posts!

Google “OOTD” and you’ll see.  Frivolous or not,  I’m a huge proponent of remaining relevant to younger people so I may build relationships with them.

Why is this important? It’s important so we can fulfill scripture and share knowledge wisdom and experiences with them. Hopefully, then, they will not have to make the same mistakes we did, amen?

Does that make sense? If not, email me or comment.

So, here is my most recent look of the day. I hope you like it.  It’s classic “me” – simple, easy and fuss-free. Yeah.  That’s exactly how I would describe my style.

How would you describe your style?

How should a pastors wife dress? This is my “typical” pastor’s wife look in a cool wig. LOL


These shoes are a perfect height for me.  As you likely know reading my blog(s)- I LIKE to be comfortable. I don’t want to have to rush conversations with my Christian  brothers and sisters because my FEET HURT! Truth check: that has happened on occasion. 🙂

Here I am in a pantsuit. Some people believe pastors wives should wear dresses or skirts. I do not. Again, I’m a casual sort of chick.

Pastors wife living her life in freedom!
Yep, slacks for this pastor’s wife!
How should pastors wives dress?
How pastors wives dress
Tell me what you think. Comment or email me.
That’s all for now. Hope, if nothing else, this post encourages you to wear whatever you want to wear and completely “do you”!

I love you, First Lady, Pastor’s Wife and Friend!



  1. Hi! I am also a young pastor’s wife. My personal style is somewhat preppy and classic, but I rarely wear skirts or dress. Older women in our church commented that I should “dress like a pastor’s wife.”
    I never wear revealing dress. I am more on pants and blouse or button downs. That’s my comfort outfit. There are standards in the bible on how we, ALL WOMEN should present ourselves, being modest.
    So i don’t know how should I feel on these.
    Knowing that you are also wearing pants somehow gave me assurance that I am not violating anything. And I believe that God look at our hearts more than our physical appearance.

  2. I am having a real issue with some recent activity of our assistant pastor and his wife, and I’m just not sure how biblical they are at this point. The wife has begun wearing extensions in her hair and huge false eyelashes that make it hard to even see her eyes. Which I’ve left to the old “to each his own” theory. However, in just the past couple of weeks, it has come to light that they have been competing in a body building competition. Great, fine, I’m all for physical fitness. BUT my issue is that they competed on stage in front of God and the world, with the wife wearing one of the string bikinis that all body builder women wear, leaving very little to the imagination! Given that she has two teenage and one pre-teen daughter, I feel she is setting a bad example for them and other young girls, when parents are trying to teach them how to be modest. I’m so upset over this and the fact that the lead pastor and many others from the church are encouraging this, telling her how proud they are of her and to keep going. I’m literally on the verge of leaving the church over this!! I don’t think it’s appropriate for a pastor’s wife to be strutting on stage in a micro mini string bikini and stilettos, with her butt cheeks hanging out!! Am I wrong? Please don’t post my name or location, as I live in a small town area and everyone knows everyone!

    1. Hi Susan. It’s not for me to say you’re wrong. That’s a tough situation and possibly a disputable matter. My best reply is leave them to God and love them through it without judgement. Holy Spirit is a powerful guide and He can touch hearts in ways we never could. Keep on praying for them.

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