1. Yes, this have been a changing experience for my husband. He’s had to adapt to a different way of delivering his sermon on the internet realizing it’s not just his members he ministering to but, others as well. Most of our congregation have underlying health problems, so worshipping inside the church building is not an option until it’s safe. This itself brings extra stress on my husband because where we were home visiting a few due to being shut-in, now requires more home visits, which puts us at risk. I see the stress on my husband and yes it does affect me as well, because I worry about the other problems people may be dealing with in their homes such as mental depression and or domestic violence from people being shut in, which involves my husband more. I pray constantly for all pastors and their wives.

    1. I didn’t even think about the house visits and mental health! Such good points! Yes, this is a trying time indeed. God will continue to equip and carry us all thru. Thanks for visiting and commenting! Hang in there. ???

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