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Encouraging words for a pastor’s wife from a pastor’s wife. 🙂 

If you are reading this and are not married to a pastor, I’m curious: have you ever thought about how much your pastors wife sacrifices on a daily basis?

Recently, I was thinking about it myself.

As you may know, I am a pastor’s wife, but I wasn’t thinking about myself this time.

Actually, it was another pastor’s wife’ in my life. She gives up so much.

While our role comes with lots of blessings, it can also be laden with intrusions and disrespect.

If you have a pastor’s wife. Put yourself in her shoes for an imaginary moment. Think about what her life may be like beyond the perceived “sparkle” and “glitz.”

For example, the constant phone calls that interrupt her special plans.

How about the sudden ‘news’ that can derail her entire day?

Not to mention the many people leaning on her husband for everything from advice to spiritual support – each one of these adds up to nothing more than one simple word – SACRIFICE.

She lends her entire being to ministry and the sad part is most people assume she’s simply “supposed” to do it. That’s if they think of her at all. The pastor’s wife is all too often taken completely for granted and that’s sad.

She’s invisible….

Not long ago, a few of my personal friends who happen to be married to pastors posed a shocking, yet very genuine question.

She took quite a risk being so blunt, but we applauded her honesty.  It was refreshing for us all.

Anyway, here’s what she asked: “does anyone ever get tired of your husband getting all the praise when you sacrifice so much too?” 

I was like “WOW”. She really put it out there – no filter. Whoop!  There it is.

Everyone sat quietly around the table for a second. No one seemed to move.

My first thought was: “oh get over it”, but I couldn’t say that because I’ve felt that way many times myself!

My unedited reply to her was something like this:

“Hang in there, Sis. I know what you mean. Husbands are upfront so people relate to them more. But the truth of the matter is most of them couldn’t do what they do with the confidence and strength that they do it without us. We do play a role. Sometimes, this role will test our humility because we don’t get a lot of accolades.

For me, God is my audience. I do all that I do without the need or desire for public acknowledgment. God knows the little things I do to help my husband’s ministry be strong. He knows the encouragement I give. He knows all the hours I listen to his struggles. He knows all the secrets I keep.”

I stopped there. But, I could have gone further.

Time would not have permitted me to say “God knows all the hospital visits I go to that others have no clue about, the people I’ve helped, the places I’ve gone, the times I’ve listened, the women’s I’ve mentored.”

Jesus is the only One that really matters in the end, Pastor’s Wife.

In the end, we are living for an audience of one – Jesus Christ.

Your prayers sustain your husband in the spirit world and empower him to do what he’s doing. Continue to focus on being an intercessor. That’s more important than anything you could do in the natural!

So hang in there, just like I told my friend. Endure knowing you are making a difference. It may be a difference none see. But, you’re making an impact not measured by man’s barometer but by God’s.

The Lord sees what you do and what you’re able to do. He has grace and mercy for you.

I love blogging encouragement and support for women living the Christian life. Visit other posts for pastors wives (I know I should have an apostrophe, but most people search for this term without one). 🙂

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encouraging words for pastor's wife

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