Best Blogs for Pastors’ Wives

Best Blogs for Pastors’ Wives

After I married my husband, I remember launching a mad, feverish search for articles, blog posts, websites – anything – that spoke to my new journey as a pastor’s wife. But, I found few. Well, it’s a new day now! The internet is chock full of fantastic resources for senior pastors’ wives and ministers’ wives and I’ve found some of them for you! Below you’ll find blogs for pastors’ wives along with websites with special sections for us.

If pastors’ wives seek encouragement, there is a website delivering encouragement to the wanting pastors’ wife. If she needs inspiration, don’t worry. A site exists to inspire the pastor’s wife and keep her motivated in ministry. If a pastor’s wife is seeking understanding and “real” talk – you guessed it! There is a website standing in wait to deliver.

In order to make things easier for pastors’ wives such as yourself, I’m devoting this blog post to spotlighting a list of resources I have found useful to me personally. I hope you enjoy them and find some solace, encouragement and advice from these wise women doing life in the “fish bowl” like us.

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Role of a Pastor’s Wife
I especially like the article I’ve linked to above since it is a practical view of the role of a pastor’s wife. It doesn’t attempt to box us into any set of man-made expectations. Instead, it is very honest in stating the Bible “does not address the involvement of the pastor’s wife in any ministry”. It goes on to further explain a logical approach a  pastor and his wife can assume in defining her ministry role. Good stuff. The site is run by a nonprofit called Pastoral Care Inc. They describe their role as one to “help support ministers from every Christian denomination through research, educational support and providing immediate assistance”.  A noble and worthy mission. In my head I see them as a “pastor’s pastor” of sorts.

Just Between Us

Just Between Us is a site devoted to equipping women for “a life of faith”. It was founded by Jill Brisco. Have you heard of her??? She’s an anointed Christian speaker, author and trailblazer that has been ministering to women for years and years. I’m so thrilled Jill saw fit to create a section on the site just for us!!! You will find quality content on Just Between Us.Com Be sure to subscribe or visit often.  I highly recommend her books too!


I don’t have to tell you about Crosswalk.Com, do I? This site features insightful devotionals and Christian educational content from many of the Kingdom’s heavy-hitters. Blogs for pastors’ wives are featured on the site as well as just about any topic you could think of for spiritual growth.  In all they do, I’m particularly pleased they have articles just for us.

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Anytime I’ve searched and sought content for pastors’ wives, I landed on Thom Mr Ranier is the President and CEO of LifeWay. He’s written several books and has spoken all over. I’ve found several articles on this site to encourage me in my role. Check it out. You’ll also find tons of educational Biblical content on other subjects. However, I visit mainly for what I find about the pastor’s wife experience. When I search for Blogs for pastors’ wives, I land here.

The Aquila Report

This source is fairly new to me. Have you heard of it? They describe themselves this way on their “About page: “The Aquila Report is an independent web magazine containing content of interest primarily for and about those in the evangelical and confessional wings of the Presbyterian and Reformed family of churches”. I must admit I don’t know much about them, but I like an article featured on their website that is devoted to encouraging pastor’s wives . It’s called “5 Common Struggles Of A Pastor’s Wife” written by Jack Wellman. Wellman is a pastor in Mulvane, Kansas. I don’t know where that is, but it’s close to me geographically. I think. Anyhoo, his article is what I’ve linked to above.

North American Mission Board

NAMB serves communities and churches almost like missionaries would. That’s my take anyway. In order to represent them properly, let me share what’s on their About page: “NAMB assists churches with evangelistic church planting strategy, the identification and training of missionaries, chaplains and church planters through the Send Network, and helps churches impact their communities through Send Relief.” Their website speaks beautifully to us in their Ministry Wives section. The Flourish blog is all about helping us support our husbands and finding our place in the Kingdom.

Care for Pastors

The parent site is called Care for Pastors, but they have an exhaustive section for pastors’ wives. You’ll find a comprehensive list of articles, posts and pastor’s wife encouragement featuring a variety of topics. One I really like is written by Rodetta Cook. She’s been a pastor’s wife for over 40 years. It’s about learning a new habit. Check it out here. It’s not what you think. Go ahead…check it out. 🙂

Pastors Wives.Org

Pastors Wives.Org has been around for quite some time. For some reason today is the first day I registered.  They have a forum for pastors’ wives, but my approval for that is pending. However the blog is active.

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Best blogs for pastors wives
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