Job Description for Senior Pastor's Wife

A Job Description for Senior Pastor’s Wife

Job Description for a senior pastor’s wife
Part 2 🙂

A while ago, I wrote a tongue in cheek job description for pastors’ wives. I was sort of kidding, but the consistent traffic coming to that post leads me to think I could contribute to that thought in a better attempt.

Being a pastor’s wife is hard enough without a lot of requirements and outside expectations.  However, maybe these ideas might confirm your perspective of the role and give you an insight into another pastor’s wife’s view of it.

I’ll be honest, I’ve leveraged a little of my HR background to create it. 🙂

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Reports to:

God and Senior Pastor

Key Relationships of a pastor’s wife:

Ministers’ wives

General Purpose of a pastor’s wife: 

The purpose of this position is to support her husband in ministry, friendship, and partner with him to create a stable home atmosphere.

General Duties and Responsibilities of a pastor’s wife: 

  • Maintain a daily, consistent prayer time with God.
  • Support husband emotionally without unnecessary complaint
  • Encourage husband to advance ministry while maintaining home/family balance
  • Visit members of the congregation as she is able
  • Build relationships with women in the church in an effort to support, encourage and model Godliness to them
  • Reach out to those who are on the “fringe” and facilitate relationships with them with other women or men in the congregation
  • Pray intently for your husband’s strength to withstand opposition, temptation and arrogance
  • Utilize social media responsibly and above all reproach knowing everything will be judged and scrutinized
  • Attend Sunday services regularly and sit visibly so husband always knows he has at least one ally in the congregation.
  • Stay after service to allow people to get to know you.
  • Be consistently humble; appreciating everything while demanding very little.
  • Build relationships with the wives of the ministers’ wives in order to be a resource, encouragement and support.
  • Be a blessing to senior women in the church; encourage others to do the same.
  • Raise healthy, well-balanced children and be present for them.
  • Stay married.
  • Get rest regularly in order to stay refreshed.
job description for pastors wives
A pastors wife job description

Supplemental Blessings (NOT requirements):

  • Fellowship with other women in the congregation
  • Plan fellowship opportunities for women in the congregation
  • Lead ministers’ wives ministry – encouraging them to support their husbands and find their place in ministry.


Knowledge about seeking God for direction and guidance.
Interest in growing stronger in God’s Word and methods.

Other Requirements:

  • A  loving spirit and accepting temperament.
  • A professional and friendly demeanor. Aware of the judgmental eyes while embracing one’s own modest fashion sense and style.
  • Ability to set boundaries.
  • Willingness to work with others and offer emotional and spiritual support as needed.

And… here it is – the obligatory massive pic for Pinterest. It’s just easier this way. 😉

Remember, there is really no job description for us. You mark out your own path and define your own pastor’s wife legacy.

I’m curious. What would you add?

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  1. We often overlook the stressors of living on a limited budget and living with the scrutiny of the congregation knowing our salary. After being married to a wonderful senior Pastor for 44 years and raising two daughters, I will say I have had to learn to set boundaries, I have learned to say “no” respectfully to things I cannot do or don’t wish to do as well as push myself out of my comfort zone, serve in areas I don’t like but feel God has called me to but ultimately it has grown my personal faith. We are all on our own spiritual walk, but sisters, it can be tough! There is no real training for this but learn what you can from others and support one another.

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