What your pastor wished you knew

5 Things Your Pastor Wished People Knew

I’m doing your pastor and his wife a favor.  Here are is a short list of what your pastor wished you knew:

1. He gets tired.

Allow him to retreat sometimes.  Learn to pray for yourself or find support from others in the church. Love him enough to leave him alone sometimes.

2. You’re draining sometimes.

He loves you, but at times needs to withdraw to refresh. Don’t be angry or frustrated when he’s unavailable. Enough said.

3. Leave his family to him.

His family is personal to him and is off limits. Don’t judge his wife, her service or her clothes.  Leave his kids alone!  They are kids!  They are not intended to be role models for your children.

4. He’s not perfect.

He doesn’t know everything. He doesn’t have everything (you want or need). Please utilize one another in the congregation.

5. Again, use your resources.

His ministry team is available to help; he wishes you’d utilize them as God’s resources too.

Bonus:  Unless your pastor and his family knows you, they likely don’t food you cook.

Bonus-Bonus: Just because the church pays his living expenses doesn’t mean you can pop up anytime  you want.

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Your pastors wishes you knew these things...

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