Ministry Ideas for the pastors wife

30 ministry ideas for the pastors wife

As I’ve stated time and time again, there is no job description for the pastor’s wife. None.


I believe it has everything to do with what God has placed in your heart to do.

You likely know what it is.  It’s that lingering, burning feeling about a topic or a group of people. Some pastors wives have a “burden” on their hearts for abused women.  Others care deeply about single moms.

Others still, feel a sense of commitment to the elderly.  It’s no secret that some pastors wives feel committed to young children. Similarly, some are passionate about music.  Whatever your “call” walk in it fully!  Embrace it. Start now!

In case you need some ideas.  I have a list ready for you to consider! All of these are for women (except where otherwise listed)

  1. Ministry for Women (as a whole)
  2. Book Club
  3. Caring for the older women in the church
  4. Women’s Bible Study
  5. Reaching out to women hurting
  6. Caring for the grieved
Womens ministry ideas
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  1. Workshops for teen girls (on etiquette, proper attire, dating, confidence, etc)
  2. Mentoring 20 something women
  3. Supporting the ministers’ wives in your church
  4. Prayer Ministry for leaders, staff, and family
  5. Coordinating special things to occur on Mother’s Day
  6. Welcoming new members and reaching out to the incoming wives
  7. Managing and supporting the deaconesses (women married to deacons)
  1. Organizing the visitation ministry for the sick and shut-in
  2. Create a greeting card ministry and send random cards to women or children
  3. Leading the effort for a monthly potluck for the women in the community to come
  4. Plan a “girls night out” to watch movies and have a potluck
  5. Organize a “Back to school” even every year
  6. Plan a women’s pampering day (admission is nail polish to try out and share)
  7. Set a date for an accessory swap (help people get rid of junk and find new “junk”) – could also do a purse party, if you can find a vendor.  Make it a potluck!ministry ideas for pastors wives
  8. Here’s one my team and I did. It was a combo purse party and potluck. Super fun!
  9. Organize special snacks or periodic gifts for Sunday school teachers
  10. Plan a women’s workout – meets weekly and exercise to videos or with a live trainer
  11. Have women come together to do a craft
  12. Maybe women could collaborate in groups to make non-cook meals (like sub sandwiches – or one long one!)
  13. Plan a family game night for the church
  14. Organize a road trip with the ladies in the congregation
  15. Plan a special tea or “girly” event
  16. Plan “all girl” bowling
  17. Organize a nursing home or hospital VBS  (Vacation Bible School)
  18. Schedule a toe painting night as a twist on washing one another’s feet (although feet washing wouldn’t be a bad idea and you could link it to scripture)

Can you think of any others? Post them as a comment and inspire us all.

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  1. So interesting! It never occurred to me that there’s no real job description for Pastors wives. My former pastors’ wife was great at organizing help for new moms (baby showers, coordinating help if no family was available etc.). It does feel like a pastors’ wife should have the freedom to minister in the areas that “pull” on her heart.

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