planning a women's prayer breakfast

Planning a women’s prayer breakfast?

Ok. I’m cross-promoting. I’ve gotten a few emails about planning a women’s prayer breakfasts and Christian Women’s retreats. So, I’m digging from another blog and sharing it here. Why not? I actually have an article on my sister site touching on this subject. Check it out Link here.

Some other tips are:

Utilize your team.  Your team may be your kids, either way, accept their help. Plan what needs to be done and delegate tasks as appropriate.  You know, your team may even be folks in an online forum. Of course, they are not going to be able to help you as adequately as someone from your church, but you can get some great ideas for planning a woman’s prayer breakfast. Whoever your team; take the help.

Write out the plan and make it plain. Plan your event from beginning to end and then assign tasks for each element. From there you can easily delegate. Think about how many people you can accommodate. Consider the menu for the breakfast.  How will the food be prepared? What will the decor look like? Will you have a theme? If so, make a list of everything needed to executive the theme (i.e. bows, ribbons, tea cups, etc). I go so far as to visualize what the attendees will experience and see the minute they walk in the door. Then, my teams plans the details. Planning a women’s prayer breakfast is really an easy feat if you have an idea of what the end result will look like.  Begin with the end in mind.

Talk to your husband.  My husband trusts my leadership and doesn’t require too many details. But, I still keep him informed on the bigger advancements – even if it’s over morning coffee. Surely, he will not want all the details on how you’re planning a women’s prayer breakfast, but he needs to be in the know. He’s the leader and needs to be informed.

Below is the flyer I created using Photoshop.


If you’d like a template (or larger blank), let me know. Ours was  a women’s tea and the ladies wore big hats and wore pearls. I was shooting for a Kentucky Derby feel.  It was so much fun!


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