Parking Spots, Clothes and Inconveniences of a Pastor’s Wife

Hi GodsyGirl, Pastor’s Wife or First Lady,

Here is part two of my “Grumpy Cat” series. This is the finally installment of this miniseries. I’ve never referenced cats so much in my life!
Never this attitude toward others: Seriously? You sit in my reserved seat or park in my reserved spot?”
Our husbands and churches do indeed bless us with many blessings of love and esteem.
The key to the humility that pleases God is remembering all elements of our lives (including our ministries) are strictly benefits of His grace and favor. No one owes us anything. Every single thing you enjoy is a result of God’s mercy, provision and kindness.  We should never be arrogant or demanding of any blessing – including a seat or stupid parking spot. Amen?
Not this attitude either: “Sometimes I don’t want to hear all your problems in middle Walmart.”
Now, for the Walmart thing. Unfortunately, there are no “on and off” office hours for your life.  At times, God may stage an encounter with someone at Walmart or Target.  Your only job is to be “light and salt”  in season and out of season. You may need to encourage someone in the Lord when you are simply trying to make a quick grocery stop.

Sometimes, I marvel that people want my encouragement, my advise or my opinion. I’m blessed by it. Each occurrence reminds me of the power of God’s Holy Spirit living inside me. Recently, Dr. Lois Evans, a famous encourager  of senior pastor’s wives, posted on Facebook, “You have no less of Jesus than those first disciples did. You just have Him in the Person of the Holy Spirit.”  So, true. god will give you what to say and how to share.  It may not always be convenient. But, it is what it is. Be thankful God has use of you.

Don’t be this way: “Yes! I wore that…AND?”
You have likely read my rants on the “people-imposed” expectations of how a woman [married to a pastor] should dress.  Now, I am all about modesty and dressing conservatively. That is not by law but of matter of integrity. I know the power our bodies can have on males. Most men, being very visual creatures, can easily drift into a sinful state of lust with just one glance.  As a a result, women of integrity must dress protectively and considerate of their brothers in Christ.  Make sense?
Beyond that, I do not believe I should dress any particular way because of whom I am married. This may make some shudder, but I sometimes wear jeans on Sundays. Even worse,  there are even times I wear slacks. It’s who I am.  I am naturally a casual tomboy, I mean …”laid back” person.
Besides, I belong to a fairly urban church.  Maybe,  if I served a different demographic, I would view this differently.  But, I will not be slave to any- especially not in he are of clothing.  As long as God approves.. And my sweet husband approves – I wear it.  I live not to shame either.  Amen?

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