One blessing of being a pastor's wife...

One blessing of being a pastor’s wife…

I have no problems saying that being married to our husbands brings lots of challenges. Child, lots!

However, it also brings us a myriad of blessings. One of them is the privilege to get to know and love God’s people in real and meaningful ways. We get to “do life” with them (as my cousin, Karen) would say and that’s a pearl of great price.

Yep, its wonderful that we get to cherish and love our church families, but that also means we feel the “sting” of farewell from time to time.

For instance, today our church said “goodbye” to one of God’s faithful, most beloved servants.

This spiritual sister left an indelible mark on many lives and mine was one of them. She was over the “hospitality” ministry at my church. That ministry serves God’s people with food, warmth and comfort during good times and bad. Let me tell you, Ruby Bradshaw was the perfect person to head this ministry. Her love and Christian devotion blessed so many and always reflected heaven’s love for us.

Have you ever thought about how blessed you are to meet some of the people in your congregation?  You get to bask in their love and acceptance. They have your back no matter what. This is one blessing of being a pastor’s wife; it’s one I think we often take for granted.

Let me tell you, those meals Ruby sent home to me often relieved my load and warmed my heart. Seeing those silver foil containers in my husband’s hands meant I was blessed with a free evening to enjoy my family over a terrific meal I didn’t have to prepare. Other times, her cobbler was like a “hug” of encouragement during those times my husbands absence wore on my heart. Stephen, at my church does the same now and also reminds me of God’s love and favor toward His people.

“Blessed to be a blessing”…

People never know how much their gestures encourage us, do they? You should also know this blog is sort of my secret. So, the church won’t read this and every word springs from my heart.

I pray you have lots of “Ruby Bradshaws” in your life, Pastor’s wife. Likewise, I pray that you are a “Ruby Bradshaw” blessing to someone else. I’m sure you are. 🙂


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