How should a pastor’s wife dress – Comfortably!

How should a pastor’s wife dress?

I’ve been hosting this blog for years. In fact, I’ve been hosting several blogs for years.  I’m a blogger…what can I say. Correction:  I’m a “sometimes” blogger.  I try not to ramble on my blog for pastors’ wives.

But, I have never posted an OOTD posts for my senior pastors’ wives’ blog. I’m not sure why because I get frequent questions about how should a pastor’s wife dress.

I have posted my outfits on my other blog called, and those posts skyrocket through the roof with emails and visitors. It’s wild!

Well, in case you don’t know, OOTD stands for “Outfit Of The Day”. I know it seems frivolous to other 40something senior pastor’s wives like me, but young people love these types of posts!

Google “OOTD” and you’ll see.  Frivolous or not,  I’m a huge proponent of remaining relevant to younger people so I may build relationships with them.

Why is this important? It’s important so we can fulfill scripture and share knowledge wisdom and experiences with them. Hopefully, then, they will not have to make the same mistakes we did, amen?

Does that make sense? If not, email me or comment.

So, here is my most recent look of the day. I hope you like it.  It’s classic “me” – simple, easy and fuss-free. Yeah.  That’s exactly how I would describe my style.  How would you describe yours?

How should a senior pastor’s wife dress? Comfortably!
These shoes are a perfect height for me.
As you likely know reading my blog(s)- I LIKE to be comfortable.
I don’t want to have
to rush conversations with my Christian
 brothers and sisters
because my FEET HURT!
Truth check: that has happened on occasion. 🙂
This was my “First Sunday” communion dress, but
I would wear it anytime because it is…COMFORTABLE!P.S.  What do you think of that wig? I HEART IT!
I love making my husband look twice on Sundays.  Such fun!
Tell me what you think. Comment or email me.

I love you, First Lady, Pastor’s Wife and Friend!

Here is a silly video of me in this outfit.  It’s a close-up
look of the makeup and accessories.

I’m wearing Coastal Scent blush and eye shadow in this video. Have you tried them?

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how a pastor's wife should dress

How should a pastor’s wife dress?

How a pastor’s wife should dress

I am perplexed by how many people concern themselves with how their pastor’s wife dresses.

My husband pastors a large Baptist church. He, himself, is rather conservative fellow. He’s basically a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy. He leans toward grays, blacks – very little color. “Flashy” is what he calls a basic red dress. He’s something else.

But, me on the other hand, tend to gravitate toward the bright, shiny and noticeable clothing choices.

Now, my style is neither the hats, nor the feathers or sequins. That’s OK for my sisters who go for that, but not my style. But….I do LOVE bright colors of red, orange, yellow, etc. I also love to pair a 3 inch pair of sequin shoes with a nice pair of jeans and a blazer on any given Sunday. As my grandpa used to say, “you must simply take me as I come.”

Purple highlights!
Hey, gimme a break!

Fortunately, my husband doesn’t care how I express myself with clothes. He accepts me. I like that about him. But, others seem to be consumed with what I wear (or don’t wear) and how I look.

Do you know what I mean? If I allowed their opinions to run me; I’d go stark raving mad! I know who I am in Christ and it has little to do with man-made expectations of me. This was the case before I married a pastor and it certainly the case now.

When I’m unsure about an area of my life, I tend to ask myself one question:

what did Jesus do when he walked the earth?

I do the same with my clothes. I believe Jesus dressed so ordinary that He blended with the people. Remember, Judas had to identify Him with a kiss for the Roman soldiers to know who He was. Jesus just blended with the crowed.

Blending in is good. That’s what works for me most days; however, on other days I like to jazz it up. Girl, my hair may be short one week, in a fro the next.  It may be blonde and it may have purple highlights. You just never know!

My church home is in the urban core and I think God placed me there for such a time as this.  So, as long as I don’t cause Jesus shame in my apparel; I think it’s all good. As long as I love His people with an open and full heart; it’s all good, and as long as my husband has that “look” in his eyes when he spots me….it’s really all good.

Agree? Disagree? No comment? Love ya either way. 🙂


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