How a 1st Lady Should Dress?

How a 1st Lady Should Dress?

How a 1st Lady Should Dress?
Look like a first lady?

I know we’re all still getting acquainted on this blog, but let me tell you, one word that describes me incredibly well is CASUAL.

Blame it on being the only girl in a brood of five or my intrinsic bent toward simplicity, either way; I am one of those people that enjoy keeping life simple. This also applies to my style of dress. Sure, I like any other girl, I like to look pretty, but my pretty must be uncomplicated, under-stated and done in 30 minutes!

Recently, I wore a dressy, attention-grabbing suit to a Sunday morning service. The responses were…well…I don’t know what they were.  They were dramatic and positioned me to ask myself “How a 1st Lady Should Dress?”

You would have thought I wore an astronaut space suit for all the attention my clothes generated that day. Some said they didn’t recognize me in my “Sunday going to meetin’ clothes”. Others said “now, that’s the way a first lady should dress!” similar comments just came and came.

Understand, no one was ill-intentioned or mean-spirited now was I was in any way offended. But it did make me think.

Me all the way, Baby!

In the Black church community, many expect senior pastor’s wives to look a certain way – usually dolled up in a flamboyant suit and a big, over-sized hat. Now, I’m not knocking this tradition. Hey, if that’s your thing, do you thing, Girl. But, it’s just not me and I’m very comfortable with being me.

In fact, I think I would limit God if I cared more about what people said about me or if I were an extreme people pleaser.

Surely, we all should exude a sensitivity and love that mirrors the heart of Christ, but at the same time, we have to know when to be who we are and who God called us to be. I believe being people-created, generated or driven will bring nothing but grief and threatened your destiny.

In fact, I’m rather proud of my reply to about the third person that said I “looked like a first lady”. My reply was a simple “Honey, if I came in here in my pajamas, I’d still look like a first lady because that’s what God has called me to be right now. Clothes have nothing to do with it”. It’s tight, but it’s right.

[The line to pray for my mouth will be assembling in the corner to the left.]

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