pastor wife freedom from tradition

Bound no more, Pastor’s Wife!

pastor wife freedom from tradition

Hi 1st Lady, Pastor’s Wife and Woman of God!

Christian tradition is designed to help us remember how God moved in times past. It can be a good thing. It can also be a bondage and snare. Once I married my husband I was determined to be a pastor’s wife freedom from tradition and monotony.
Be sure to operate in the current move of God’s Holy Spirit in your life. Be careful of allowing tradition to hold *your* individual ministry hostage.

You are to be one flesh with your husband; yet you are so much more. Don’t limit yourself, your personal vision or your God! You’re not just an appendage of him or that just that “first lady” suit you wear! Don’t cheapen yourself to that.

If they wear purple on a certain day; that doesn’t mean you have to do the same. I don’t care what anyone says; I’m going to wear what I want. So many areas of my life I cannot control, but I can control what I wear. Sometimes, I’ll wear black on first Sunday (tradition in my church), sometimes I will wear orange. It is what it is.

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Or just because they say you should work with the kids every third Sunday because that’s what the previous pastor’s wife did doesn’t mean you have to do that!  God wants you free – free to express yourself. He died to give the pastor wife freedom from tradition just like He did for everyone else.

Don’t be bound by stupid tradition or let it control you. Do what God wants you to do and be free!

Tradition was made for man; not man for tradition. Remember that. Amen?
Love you!
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