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Blogs for Senior Pastors’ Wives

Blogs for Senior Pastors’ Wives on the Net

  1. Lois Evans is something of a hero for me. She was the first pastor’s wife I began to follow after I married my husband. Visit her site for information and events.

2. Care for Pastors
Care for Pastors has a great section of it’s site devoted to encouraging pastor’s wives. I can tell I’m going to be a frequent visitor and likely a frequent commenter too.

3. Embracing Grace
I love this site. It’s hosted by a pastor’s wife named Leah and she is practical, inspirational and encouraging. Check out her post on “10 Choices You will Never Regret”.  Good stuff.
Also,  there is really not a whole lotta quality resources out there for us (women married to senior pastors).

4. Just Between Us

5. Groomed to be a First Lady in a Church

6. Kristy’s Cottage

Blogs for Senior Pastors’ Wives on the Net

I’m looking for more resources.  If you have a few, contact me and let me know. I need the resources to be largely devoted to women married to senior pastors (or senior pastors’ wives).  If you have one (or know of one), contact me below.