10 Things Your Pastor’s Wife Wished You Knew

Here are ten things that most pastor’s wives wish they could say; but likely don’t. Hey, you know my “in your face” style, so I’m gonna say it! LOL

1. We’re not perfect. Please be patient.

2. We’re not on the church payroll. Please adjust your expectations accordingly. Hello?

3. Don’t question our blessings; you have *no* idea of our sacrifice.

4. We’re not *always* able to be best friends with women in the congregation. Only in extremely rare situations. Most pastors need a degree of distance between home and church. Besides, we are often privy to many sensitive issues. It can be an awkward and ‘touchy’ situation to be too close. Wisdom must prevail.

5. We’re all different. Don’t compare us to the pastor’s wife at your old church,  your mom (if she was a pastor’s wife) or grandma.

6. We love you; but sometimes, must set boundaries so that Pastor can rest at home. So, if you call in the evening, you may not get to talk to him until the next day…when he’s in the church office. *Emergencies – different story.

7. We love fellowshipping, but we really value the little time we have with our husbands and families.

8. Clothes are just clothes. If you don’t like what we wear, keep it to yourself. Otherwise, we may laugh at you later.

9. Even if the church owns the home; you can’t just drop by anytime without calling.

10. Our kids are not public church property.

All said in love, candor and honesty. Take the meat and leave the bones!


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